One of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan is definitely Mount Fuji situated on Honshu Island. It is the highest mountain in Japan at 12,389 ft. or 3.776 meters. The mountain, in fact, is an active stratovolcano which erupted back in 1707. The mountain lies about hundred kilometers of Tokyo and it can be easily seen from there on sunny days. It should be noted that Mount Fuji is one of the country's Three Holy Mountains along with Mount Haku and Mount Tate. The mountain is a special place of amazing beauty, so it is considered as one of many Japan's Historic Sites. Mount Fuji was also added to the World Heritage List back on 22th of June in 2013.

Until now approximately 300,000 people have climbed Mount Fuji. The most popular period for tourists to hike up the mountain is from July to August while all facilities are operating. Other common activities include paragliding that takes off in the vicinity of the Mount Fuji's fifth station located at Gotemba parking lot between Hōei-can and Subashiri. There are several paragliding schools where tourists gladly enter paragliding training. The most famous Japan's mountain, Mount Fuji has inspired poets and artists while being the object of pilgrimage for many centuries. This is a must visit destination if you ever find yourself exploring Japan, and we hope you will.

Mount Fuji

Niseko Ski Resort in Hokkaido


One of the most famous mountains located in Japan for downhill skiing definitely is Niseko Annapuri situated in Hokkaido. Niseko generally refers to a famous mountain range. However, it is a city located in Shiribeshi in Hokkaido. The town is a place that hosts many popular ski resorts which are encompassing Mount Yōtei commonly referred to as Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido. The name of Niseko originates from the Ainu language meaning a cliff jutting over a river.

The main industries in the city are tourism and agriculture. Niseko Ski Resort officially is Japan's most popular ski resort attracting tourists from all over the globe every year. It is located in Hokkaido only slightly over two hours drive from major Chitose Airport. The ski resort is comprised of four interlinked ski resorts including Hanazono, An'nupuri, Grand Hirafu and Niseko Village.

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